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If I have no white guilt, does that mean I am also a rapist?

-Tumblr logic 

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Best living room for 600 a month

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Bullet ice cubes

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Faces of Death


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Cleopatra Committing Suicide by Claude Vignon

Clone High wasn’t even close….


Cleopatra Committing Suicide by Claude Vignon

Clone High wasn’t even close….

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I’ve never even SEEN somebody discussing feminism outside of tumblr and community colleges. Is it even an issue that matters to people with actual problems in their lives? My girlfriend is concerned with : finding a job, expanding her career, and discerning her life goals right now. I just asked her if she thinks she’s not gonna be able to do what she wants because she’s a woman. She just looked confused and said “uhhhhh… no?”

Smart girl.

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When you tell people you are a feminist and they tell you there is no need for feminism and that all feminists are hairy man hating lesbians, they are literally showing why we need feminism and I do not understand how someone can be so ignorant that they don’t see that. 

How ignorant of somebody to think a social struggle is unnecessary in the face of insults. Somebody hurt your feelings, quick better make it a gender issue and somehow find a way to make yourself feel superior because of your “oppressed” sexual orientation.

Tumblr, let the never-ending tears of privileged fucks flow.

via STFU MRAs.
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Feminists: *calls everybody who doesn’t agree with them rape apologists*

Feminists: *gets offended by rape jokes*

Feminists: *erases male rape victims*

Feminists: *erases female rapists*

Feminists: *fights against laws to help male rape victims*

Feminists: *fights laws to stop female…

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